February 22, 2013

Cupcake Oven Mitt

I've been inspired by several cupcake oven mitts on pinterest lately. In fact, obsessed is probably a better word. So, as I have no money right now, I went to my Nan's and raided her arts and craft supplies. I came home with lots of goodies and set to work. I made several mistakes along the way but it didn't turn out half bad.

- I plan to hunt out some red fabric and cut out a couple of circles to on the "icing" where the green ribbon is so that the green ribbon becomes a cherry stalk -

I'm not going to do a full tutorial - I'm just going to run through the main stuff.

I used - Green fabric (I used less than half a metre)
Plain cream fabric (I used waaaay less than half a metre)
Green ribbon (I used approx 5 inches)
Some tea towelly fabric (or you can just use an old tea towel or two)
And last but not least a small amount of padding.
I drew a terrible template (the icing is drawn on as I wanted my cupcake and my icing to fit together as perfectly as possible)

I pinned the template to my backing fabric and the tea towelly fabric and cut them out.

And the view from the other side

Then I pinned the template to my cream fabric and cut the icing (you can see one of my mistakes below - having to add my seam allowance as I went haha)

I sewed the icing leaving a gap at the top. Then I sewed the cupcake with right sides together and tea towelly stuff and padding on top leaving a gap at the top. Turned it all in the right way and it fitted perfectly.

I sewed around the outside to fit them together (popped the ribbon ends inside the icing) and added some stitches to the middle of the cupcake section to re-create the ridges you find in a cupcake casing.

If you need a more thorough tutorial I would recommend Lovely Crafty Home - I used that tutorial to give me an idea for what to do when I got stuck and it was really helpful. I probably would have followed the tutorial but I'm a bit to free spirited and have to just wing everything haha.

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